From Tue Apr 18 11:44:40 1995
Article: 27473 of comp.infosystems.www.misc
From: (Andrew Hargreaves)
Subject: Paradox 5.0 HTML authoring tool
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 03:12:06
Organization: Datamation Systems

I have created my own little utility with Paradox for Windows to create HTML 
files because of limitations with the tools I have tried so far.

First of all, the HTML tags are in a database table with a usage name, 
starting and ending tags, example and extended descriptions.  As new 
extensions are introduced you can simply add them to the table.

There is also database tables for all your background tiles, bullet gifs, and 
other gifs created and used by your pages (such as logos).  As well, you can 
store any URL's used in a table, then pick them from the drop down edit list.  
This saves having to find and type them in if they are to be used by several 

I am implementing toolbar that allows you to open pop up menus to select the 
type of horizontal rule, bullet gif, and tiles.  

The only limitation is lack of a WYSIWYG envrionment to create the pages but 
it is easy to run Mosaic or Netscape concurrently to see your changes.  The 
big advantages for me however, is an efficient way to organize all my gifs, 
background tiles, images, html files, URL's etc.  

Anyway, if there are any Paradox for Windows users out there who are 
interested in a copy please contact me through email.  I am making some 
improvements and the much improved version will be available in about a week.