an HTML editor for the Macintosh

by Niklas Frykholm

1. Introduction

HTML Pro is a program that allows you to edit Hyper Text Markup Language documents (the documents used on the World Wide Web) on your Macintosh.

HTML Pro will display your documents almost as they will look when seen with a web browser, such as Netscape or Mosaic. Some differences exists, partly because I didn't want to create an entire word processing program (I'm a ShareWare writer, not the Microsoft corporation), partly so that the program will run faster and more smoothly.

The differences are explained more thoroughly in the following sections.

HTML Pro is part of the Niklas Frykholm Shareware package - a great concept. By paying a registration fee of $5 you will become a registered owner of the entire package. This includes every program I've ever written together with every program I might ever write in the future. If you have an e-mail address I will mail you new versions and programs when they are done.

Send the money (just put it in an envelope, unfortunately this is still the best way of sending small sums of money from one country to another) together with your name and address to:

Niklas Frykholm
Rothoffsv. 37 A
903 42 Umeå

If you have any comments about this program, you can e-mail me at:

Information about this program (current version, etc) and the other programs in the Niklas Frykholm ShareWare Package can be found at my home page:

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