From Mon Aug 14 15:38:48 1995
Article: 7638 of comp.infosystems.www.announce
From: (Stephen Owens)
Subject: WEB SOFTWARE:  Webber - Validating HTML Editor for Windows
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 95 22:44:08 GMT-1:00
Cerebral Systems Development Corp. invites you to try Webber (TM) - HTML Editor Extraordinaire! Go to or

Webber (TM) is a fast, friendly and flexible HTML editor for Windows which uses Infrastructures for Information's new compliant SGML parser to validate HTML documents. The shareware version, available for download at Cerebral Systems Development Corp's Web site, supports validation of HTML 2.0 documents. Webber is a powerful editor that supports drag and drop editing, and multi-level undo and redo, along with the standard cut, copy, and paste features. Webber's full-featured help system includes descriptions for all HTML 2.0 tags and attributes. Tag Assistants help even novices create anchors, forms and more, with ease.

The registered version ($40 CAN / $30 US) supports the draft HTML 3.0 dtd and Netscape Extensions, and includes Tag Help for all HTML 3.0 tags and Netscape extensions. Also included is a powerful Table Assistant which supports spanning columns and rows, and more in an easy 'drag and draw' table editor.

For more information visit our Web site or e-mail