From Mon Aug 14 16:09:40 1995
Article: 16094 of comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
From: (Kevin Read)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: WebEd for Windows version 1.2.1
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 1995 00:54:39 +1000
Organization: Myers-Holum International

Hi all

I have just made available Version 1.2.1 of WebEd for Windows, the best HTML 

New features in this version of WebEd for Windows include:

* Plug In facility.  The shareware version now recognises plug-in files.  
Plug-ins allow you to maintain your own HTML commands and access them with one 

* Recent files list.  An unlimited Pick List that allows you to get to 
previously saved files quickly. (includes title previewing).

* An Undo feature.  (by popular request).

* Forms implementation.

* Lots more help.

You can download the latest version of WebEd for Windows from the Web Ed pages 
at or via anonymous FTP at
(check the index for location).



*  Kevin Read                      
*  E-Mail:

From Tue Jul 25 11:49:26 1995
Article: 12398 of comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
From: (Kevin Read)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: WebEd for Windows Late Beta
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 1995 18:54:45 +1000
Organization: Myers-Holum International

PROGRAM:  Web Ed for Windows
VERSION:  1.1.1 Beta
RELEASED: 25/06/95
AUTHOR:   Kevin Read
EMAIL:    (


Web Ed for Windows is a home grown HyperText Markup Language (HTML)editor.


I looked around for the "perfect" HTML editor but couldn't find one that had 
all of the features I needed.  Some had bits I liked, others had the rest.  
Web Ed is my attempt at putting it all together.


* Multiple Document Interface.
* Comprehensive Tool Bars.
* Preview and Test HTML pages without using a Web Browser.
* Supports HTML 3.0.
* Import and Export facilities
* 100 of predefined tags
* User defined Tags
* Australian Made.


Web Ed is available from my home page


For further information about this release or should you wish to make any 
comments please contact Kevin Read at the following e-mail address: