The World Wide Web Consortium Issues CSS2 as a W3C Recommendation

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"Inclusion of aural cascading style sheets (ACSS) in CSS2 brings one step closer the vision of ubiquitous information access in a manner best suited to the user's needs. Motivated initially by the need to present Webformation efficiently to users with visual impairments (see Emacspeak for the first ACSS enabled user environment) -- ACSS will have a significant impact on the use of the WWW by functionally blind users such as automobile drivers wishing to browse information when on the road. Like the invention of the telephone (which was a direct consequence of work on hearing aids) ACSS once again proves the benefits of work on alternative interfaces to all users."
-- T. V. Raman, Advanced Technology Group, Adobe Systems Incorporated
"Together with W3C and NIST, Case Western Reserve University has established a CSS1 test suite. This suite is provided freely and openly to browser developers and Web designers alike, so that they may test current and upcoming implementations of CSS support. Testing will soon expand to cover CSS2 as well, and will be improved over time by community feedback and input. CWRU is proud of its role in creating this suite, and we hope it will be useful to the Web community as a whole."
-- Eric A. Meyer, Hypermedia Systems Manager, Case Western Reserve University
"Electricité de France, the largest electricity producer in the world, believes that CSS 2 is a major spec that will help us building, managing and distributing our internal documents, and will make the distribution of our on-line corporate information easier. We are now waiting for vendors' support and expect from their tools a full conformance to the specification. We'd like to congratulate W3C for this spec and especially for the Aural Style Sheets section."
-- Jean-Marie Bernard, Chief of Data Processing and Applied Mathematics Department, Electricité de France
"CSS2 is a major step forward in bringing precise control of visual design to the web. As members of the W3C and as an active participant in the CSS working group, Macromedia is committed to increasing the web's expressiveness and helping to develop leading-edge tools that support the W3C standards for web designers."
-- Sho Kuwamoto, Senior Software Engineer, Macromedia Dreamweaver
" W3C has successfully moved a critical standard forward with CSS2. Microsoft is committed to standards and provides leading support for CSS today in Internet Explorer 4.0."
-- David Cole, Vice President of Web Client and Consumer Experience Division, Microsoft
"Today's announcement regarding the Cascading Style Sheets 2 specification (CSS2) is great news for Internet users and the Internet developer community at large. CSS provides a style sheet language which gives developers and users rich control over the display of HTML and XML documents. As the first commercial product to demonstrate the use of Cascading Style Sheets with both HTML and XML in the source code for Netscape Communicator 5.0, Netscape continues to recognize the importance of open standard technology and the role the W3C plays in its development. Netscape looks forward to supporting CSS2 in a future version of Communicator."
--Jim Hamerly, Vice President, Client Products, Netscape
"CSS2 will vastly improve the ability of an HTML authors and users to obtain the formatting results they desire without recourse to awkward HTML constructs never intended for the purpose. In addition, CSS2's inclusion of support for aural style sheets will be important for both the visually impaired as well as those who need to get information without reading a computer screen or printout."
-- Douglas Rand, Technical Staff, Web Publishing, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
"SoftQuad has always been committed to providing standards-based solutions to our customers. The new CSS2 specification represents an important milestone in defining interoperable style formats for use on the web. The style sheet language includes many important features and functions web authors have been asking for. We are committed to providing more CSS support in our authoring tools."
-- Lauren Wood, Technical Product Manager, SoftQuad, Inc.
"With CSS2 and the Core Styles, CSS moves beyond the 'good idea' phase and becomes a critical element of a new, more attractive, and manageable Web, where substance and style complement one another as peers."
-- Todd Fahrner, Studio Verso

"Electricité de France, premier producteur électrique au monde, est convaincue de l'intérêt majeur de la spécification CSS 2 qui nous aidera à construire, gérer et publier nos ensembles documentaires internes et facilitera notre communication externe en ligne. Nous attendons désormais l'intégration de ce standard par les éditeurs de logiciels et espérons une conformité totale à la spécification. Nous adressons au W3C nos félicitations pour cette spécification, et plus particulièrement pour la section Aural Style Sheets."
-- Jean-Marie Bernard, Chef du Service Informatique et Mathématiques Appliquées, Electricité de France
"Les functionalités de présentation avancées offertes par CSS2 donnent aux créateurs de pages Web un contrôle très étendu sans sacrifier pour autant l'accés au Web pour les utilisateurs handicapés. En particulier, CSS2 améliore le contrôle de l'utilisateur final sur la mise en page, l'ordre de chargement des feuilles de styles, un meilleur support pour plusieurs types de media, et un nouvel ensemble de propriétés pour les présentations audio."
--Judy Brewer, Directeur du Programme International du WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative du W3C)

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