Testing Policy


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Test as you commit

All normative spec changes are generally expected to have a corresponding pull request in web-platform-tests, either in the form of new tests or modifications to existing tests, or must include the rationale for why test updates are not required for the proposed update.

Typically, both pull requests (spec updates and tests) will be merged at the same time. If a pull request for the specification is approved but the other needs more work, add the 'needs tests' label or, in web-platform-tests, the 'status:needs-spec-decision' label. Note that a test change that contradicts the specification should not be merged before the corresponding specification change.

If testing is not practical due to web-platform-tests limitations, please explain why and if appropriate file an issue with the 'type:untestable' label to follow up later.

PLH and Ralph, for the W3C Director.

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