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Web of Services

Web of Services refers to message-based design frequently found on the Web and in enterprise software. The Web of Services is based on technologies such as HTTP, XML, SOAP, WSDL, SPARQL, and others.

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W3C seeks to integrate payments seamlessly into the Open Web Platform. The result will be new business opportunities, an improved user experience for online transactions, reduced fraud, and increased interoperability among traditional solutions and future payment innovations.

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Transferring data from one domain to another domain or between applications needs sometimes a secure transaction and well defined document authentication. XML Encryption and XML Signature are key pieces of the XML security stack.

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Internationalization of Web services concerns service descriptions, communicating language and locale, and internationization of human-readable messages exchanged by services.

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  • 2017-06-01 ( 1 JUN) 2017-06-02 ( 2 JUN)

    IoT Tech Expo Europe

    Berlin, Germany

    W3C Lead in Web of Things work, Dave Raggett, will participate in the expert panel "Creating a standards framework for IoT" to present the case for open standards for bridging the silos and the opportunity cost incurred in ignoring this, and to explain what W3C’s role is and how it relates to other alliances and standards development organizations.

    Europe’s leading IoT conference, the IoT Tech Expo will be arriving in Berlin on 1-2nd June for its 2nd annual event where it will host two days of top level content and discussion, introducing and exploring the latest innovations in the Internet of Things arena.

    There will be case studies and 6 dedicated conference tracks covering the entire IoT ecosystem including Smart Transportation & Cities, Developing for the IoT, Connected Industry, IoT in Enterprise, IoT Innovations & Technologies and Data & Security, in addition to a free exhibition.

  • 2017-06-07 ( 7 JUN) 2017-06-08 ( 8 JUN)

    TU-Automotive Detroit

    Novi, Michigan, USA

    W3C CEO Dr. Jeff Jaffe will speak about security and automotive and W3C Automotive leader Ted Guild will conduct a roundtable discussion session on Automotive and Web Payments during TU-Automotive Detroit, the world's largest B2B event for connected car, autonomous vehicles and mobility.

    As the entire automotive ecosystem pivots from metal to mobility, the face of transportation is undoubtedly changing forever. It’s this challenge that automakers and their suppliers currently face; increase market share with today’s tech-hungry buyer, evolve to diversify mobility service offerings, whilst ensuring that they’re leaders in the autonomous revolution. Failure to engage on any of these fronts is not an option. What unites these challenges is the need for agile tech innovation and a laser-like focus on putting the customer first; whether in terms of user experience or new business models.

    This is why TU-Automotive Detroit exists. Since the turn of the century it has united the worlds of automotive and digital. It’s the annual event around which the connected vehicle developed from exciting but niche technology into the community shaping the entire future of mobility.

  • 2018-04-23 (23 APR) 2018-04-27 (27 APR)


    Lyon, France

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