About W3C QA Tools

Indispensable for the professional Webmaster, Web Designer or Web Developer, these tools are all free and Open Source.

The W3C's main production are its specifications, but in the core of its philosophy is the belief that the natural complement to specifications is running code.

This page lists some of the tools provided by the W3C in the domain of Quality Assurance: validators and other test tools. Almost all of these tools are web-based, and are available as downloadable sources or as free services on the w3.org site.

More W3C Software

W3C develops many more software tools. See the W3C Open Source Software page for listings and news.


An interesting companion to this toolbox is the Matrix of W3C specifications where test suites and validators for W3C specifications are listed.

The Basics - what you should run on all your web pages

The above three can be used all-in-one by running the Log Validator. Unlike the others, this tool helps improve the quality of a whole site, step by step, by finding the most popular documents that need to be fixed in priority. Learn more about this method in the Web Standards Switch document.

Developing mobile-friendly content? The mobileOK checker is a one-stop service to check your Web site and improve its mobile-friendliness.

Specific Tools - for Specific Needs

Open Source

All software developed at W3C is Open Source / Free software. This means that you can download and use them for free, if you like. It also means that you are welcome to participate in making them better, cooler, more useful for you and everyone.

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