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Keio University

日本語は[W3C/Keio (慶應義塾大学) のお問い合わせ先]をご覧ください
Keio University is one of organizations that hosts W3C activities. Membership Agreements for organizations based in Japan and Korea are processed by Keio in Japan.


5322 Endo
Fujisawa, Kanagawa 252-0882 Japan

Who Email Telephone Fax

+81.3.3516.2504 +81.3.3516.0617
Site Manager Osamu Nakamura nakamura@w3.org

MarComm / Administration Naomi Yoshizawa naomi@w3.org +81.3.3516.2504

Where to Send Membership Agreements

Please send signed W3C Membership Agreements to Naomi Yoshizawa at the above address.

Wire Payments

For information about wire payments to Keio for W3C Membership, please send email to keio-contact@w3.org.

How to Get to W3C/Keio

See maps and directions to Keio.