Member Testimonials

W3C Members show their support for standards and for W3C through a variety of means, including participation in groups, sponsorship of events, chairing groups, and implementing specifications. This page lists testimonials from Members that circulate on the W3C home page. Each Member name below links to an up-to-date version of the W3C home page that features that Member's testimonial permanently. See also testimonials that accompany W3C press releases.

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Academia Animartec S.L.

Animartec actively collaborate with W3C in order to enhance implementation of its standards, by providing to Spanish companies a qualified support for their online projects; and training professionals in Spain, so they are concerned with compliance with W3C’s standards and guidelines. Contact Academia Animartec S.L.

W3C Member since 30 March 2015.

Accessibility Foundation

The Accessibility Foundation is an expertise center providing information, research, Web evaluation and training in the field of accessibility of Web sites and Web applications to companies and governments. We are committed to the development of Web accessibility standards at W3C. Contact Accessibility Foundation

W3C Member since 1 July 2001.

Adesis Netlife S.L.

Adesis Netlife, via its accessibility and usability division, Accedis, offers extensive experience in the development and ongoing support of internet projects that comply with all W3C standards and accessibility guidelines. Contact Adesis Netlife S.L.

W3C Member since 3 January 2007.

Altova GmbH

Altova accelerates development and integration projects with software solutions that enhance productivity and maximize results. Altova is an active member of the W3C and is committed to delivering standards-based platform-independent development solutions that are powerful, affordable, and easy to use. Contact Altova GmbH

W3C Member since 26 October 2000.

Antenna House, Inc.

Antenna House aims to supply the best products and service for worldwide customers. Antenna House XSL Formatter conforms to the XSL-FO V1.0 W3C recommendation and is used in hundreds of installations worldwide. Contact Antenna House, Inc.

W3C Member since 11 April 2014.

association BrailleNet

BrailleNet promotes a better accessible Web for people with disabilities. BrailleNet participated in European projects coordinated by W3C/WAI and is the Lead translating organization of WCAG2.0 in French. BrailleNet develops methodologies to assess conformance to WCAG2.0 and ATAG. Contact association BrailleNet

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

Among his commitments: Providing access to the highest number of people, regardless their personal limitations linked to their surrounding environment. Management System, certified by AENOR is based on the accomplishment of the W3c's standards and technology. Municipal Website Office. Contact Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

W3C Member since 3 January 2006.


Bistri is committed to provide communication solutions, as simple as a click on a link. As a startup, Bistri is proud to contribute to write and spread over the Internet, standard real-time communication protocol and codecs. Contact Bistri

W3C Member since 9 October 2012.

British Broadcasting Corporation

The BBC is the world's largest broadcasting organisation whose mission is to enrich people's lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain. It is a public service broadcaster, established by a Royal Charter and funded by UK households. Contact British Broadcasting Corporation

W3C Member since 29 May 1998.


As a leading international supplier of communication services and networked ICT solutions, BT encourages the development of standards that make it easier for people and businesses to communicate. Its technical experts have been active in W3C initiatives since its inception. Contact BT

W3C Member since 20 July 1995.

Business Directory UK

Cylex is an international IT company who provides free B2B and B2C solutions. Our mission is to create useful business directories using the latest technologies and standards. Contact Business Directory UK

Clinical and Biomedical Computing Ltd

CBCL advocate the adoption of the W3C standards. Founded in 1999, CBCL produce XQSharp, the standards-compliant XQuery 1.0 processor for the .NET Framework. Contact Clinical and Biomedical Computing Ltd

W3C Member since 29 January 2008.


The Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI) is a leading research institute in mathematics and computer science. CWI is active in several W3C Working Groups and hosts the W3C Benelux Office. As the starting point for the European Internet, we are proud to collaborate with W3C. Contact CWI

W3C Member since 15 August 1995.

Deutsche Telekom AG

With 13+ million registered customers and an extensive product portfolio, Deutsche Telekom is a major player in the European Internet market, and is also an active participant in W3C activities. Deutsche Telekom's Internet Media Technology - using open standards - allows for flexibility and speed in adapting new technologies. Contact Deutsche Telekom AG

W3C Member since 26 September 1995.

DigiCert SSL Certificate Authority

DigiCert® strongly supports W3C and its ongoing efforts to shape and establish standards and technologies that not only improve the usability of the Web but innovate. DigiCert® is a leading Webtrust Certified CA, providing High-Assurance SSL Certificates. Contact DigiCert SSL Certificate Authority


Founded in 1876, Ericsson is the largest supplier of mobile communications systems in the world. Supporting all major standards for wireless communication, Ericsson is committed to the use and development of W3C Recommendations to continue mobilizing the World Wide Web. Contact ERICSSON

W3C Member since 1 February 1996.

Espial Group Inc.

Espial is a leading supplier of digital TV and IPTV software and solutions to cable MSOs and telecommunications operators as well as consumer electronics manufacturers. Espial's middleware, video-on-demand, and browser products power a diverse range of pay-TV and Internet TV business models. Contact Espial Group Inc.

W3C Member since 23 February 2012.


FinanzNachrichten.de is the leading German speaking finance Website for financial news about shares, stock markets and economy. FinanzNachrichten.de as W3C member wants to take an active role in the further development of user friendly platform technologies for online media. Contact FinanzNachrichten.de

Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas(FORTH)

ICS-FORTH has an established tradition of internationally acknowledged excellence in conducting basic and applied research in the fields of information and telecommunications technologies. It represents Greece in ERCIM, and also hosts the W3C Office in Greece. Contact Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas(FORTH)

W3C Member since 19 June 1995.

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft undertakes applied contract research in all fields of engineering sciences. Fraunhofer works with W3C to contibute to the development of Web technologies which are the base of many of our research activities. Contact Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

Fujitsu Limited

Fujitsu is a leading provider of IT-based business solutions for the global marketplace. Fujitsu is actively promoting standardization of XML, electronic businesses, Web Services, and Cloud computing related technologies. It supports many W3C specifications in its products and services. Contact Fujitsu Limited

W3C Member since 23 February 1995.

Fundacion CTIC

The mission of the Information and Communication Technology Centre is the promotion and development of the Information Society within the social, institutional, and business communities. The Centre is committed to use W3C Technologies in its developments. Contact Fundacion CTIC

Fundación ONCE

ONCE Foundation, Spain The Spanish ONCE Foundation, and its company Fundosa Teleservicios turn the philosophy of 'design-for-all' into a practical reality: W3C technologies enable our developers to combine creativity and accessibility to build Web sites that are usable by people with and without disabilities. Contact Fundación ONCE

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Gmbh

DFKI is one of the largest nonprofit contract research institutes worldwide in the field of innovative software technology based on Artificial Intelligence methods. DFKI is committed to the use of W3C standards in research and development. Contact German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) Gmbh

W3C Member since 3 April 2001.

Inswave Systems Co., Ltd.

Inswave Systems Co., Ltd. is a software company that develops web standard based HTML5 UI platform. We support for W3C and in the path of making a better world of web standard by supporting freedom of web application and accessibility. Contact Inswave Systems Co., Ltd.

Inventive Designers n.v.

Inventive Designers is a long-time member. Our solution Scriptura Engage is a standards-based platform to design, create and deliver output for print, email, online, social, mobile and interactive document assembly. We have helped improving XSL, XForms and other standards. Contact Inventive Designers n.v.

W3C Member since 14 February 2003.

MITRE Corporation

A nonprofit public interest organization, MITRE works with the US government to apply systems engineering and advanced technology to issues of critical national importance. One of the W3C's founding Members, MITRE is strongly committed to open, vendor-neutral Web standards. Contact MITRE Corporation

Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.

Mitsue-Links is an information integrator that leads enterprise IT business to sustainable development. We provide Web Solutions in adherence with the spirit of W3C, such as Web Standard Conformance Service and Accessibility Consulting Service. Contact Mitsue-Links. Contact Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.

W3C Member since 27 April 2004.

NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies. We provide combinations of products and solutions that benefit businesses and people around the world. We support the W3C's open, consensus-driven process and cutting-edge technology standards. Contact NEC Corporation

Nokia Corporation

Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and sustainability of the broader mobility industry. Nokia sees that contribution to, and adoption of, W3C specifications are essential for widespread use of the Web, with any user device. Contact Nokia Corporation

Opendi AG

Stadtbranchenbuch makes white and yellow pages based on and supporting technologies like XML and AJAX. We are supporters and implementers of many W3C standards. Contact Opendi AG

Opera Software

Opera makes real cross-platform standards support a reality on mobile, desktop and home media devices. Opera is proud to contribute its experience developing smaller, faster, more functional, friendly, secure browsers to W3C's open standards process, through significant participation. Contact Opera Software

W3C Member since 21 April 1999.

ORO Co., Ltd

ORO is an IT solution specialist who provides standard-based Web technologies and service. Our products and services conform to the W3C standards. We are proud to contribute our experiense on Web Applications to help the W3C achieve the mission to lead the Web to its full potential. Contact ORO Co., Ltd

W3C Member since 14 December 2009.

Profium Ltd.

Profium improves its clients competitiveness and creates them new business opportunities with commercial software products. Profium Sense products are based on semantic technologies from W3C. Contact Profium Ltd.

W3C Member since 29 August 2000.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media, and digital convergence technology. Samsung Electronics supports W3C recommendations in our products and continues to the explosion of Web technology in our business. Contact Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Contact Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

W3C Member since 31 December 2006.


SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science) promotes the uptake of Web standards through advanced IT research and development in collaboration with national and international industry, as well as with public sector organizations. SICS is also hosting the Swedish W3C Office. Contact SICS Swedish ICT AB

W3C Member since 5 December 1995.

SK Telecom

Life as we know it keeps changing and SK Telecom is leading the way. By harnessing the most advanced technologies and creating customer-first innovative services that people everywhere will value, SK Telecom is blazing a path to the future. Contact SK Telecom

Syncro Soft

Syncro Soft encourages the adoption of the W3C standards. Its main product, oXygen XML Editor, is an integrated development environment supporting a large number of W3C standards including XML, XSLT, XML Schema and XQuery. Contact Syncro Soft

Tampere University of Technology

Digital Media Institute (DMI) is an independent research unit of Tampere University of Technology, Finland. It organizes and carries out multidisciplinary research in the field of digital media. DMI actively promotes Web standardization by hosting the W3C Finnish Office. Contact Tampere University of Technology


Telefónica strongly supports the W3C in the creation of universal, interoperable and open standards that foster the creation of the most innovative applications and services in the Web. Telefónica is a leading company in the international telecommunications market and operates in more than 23 countries. Contact Telefónica

W3C Member since 16 October 2003.

The Boeing Company

Boeing is the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft. We depend on the open, interoperable Web standards delivered by the W3C as we transform our information delivery and business processes. Contact The Boeing Company

W3C Member since 1 October 1997.

Tifana.com Co., Ltd.

Website production company, Tifana.com, provides solutions that facilitate IT and web-based businesses. As a W3C member, we not only produce websites that comply with web standards, but based on ISO9001/10002, we ensure world standard quality management while improving customer satisfaction. Contact Tifana.com Co., Ltd.

University of Edinburgh

The School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh is a world leader in research and teaching in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. W3C technologies are both used and studied here, and we are proud to contribute to their development. Contact University of Edinburgh

W3C Member since 10 August 1998.

University of Southampton

The School of Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton is a world-leading centre of excellence for research, teaching, enterprise and innovation in Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering. We host major national research initiatives applying and developing W3C technologies. Contact University of Southampton

W3C Member since 12 March 1998.


Vodafone supports the open Web platform based on standards. Visit developer.vodafone.com for more information. Contact Vodafone

W3C Member since 1 December 2003.

Web3D Consortium

The Web3D Consortium, like W3C, supports open standardization. Web3D's open standards for real-time 3D communication include X3D, a powerful and extensible XML-based ISO standard for 3D visual effects, behavioral modeling, interaction and interoperability. Web3D membership includes companies, institutions, working groups and individuals. Contact Web3D Consortium

W3C Member since 1 April 1999.