Testimonials for Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2

IBM is delighted to see the Document Object Model Level 2 become an official W3C Recommendation. This new version includes important new features, such as Namespaces, which will enable programmers to better exploit XML for e-business applications. IBM feels it is very important to ensure that there are high quality, open source reference implementations of the DOM standard available. We have made significant contributions to the Apache Xerces parser which already supports DOM Level 2. IBM will continue to contribute to the DOM activity in the W3C as it evolves.

-- Bob Sutor, Director for e-business Standards Strategy, IBM

As the Web continues to evolve, the value of a core set of DOM features grows ever more important. Those core features provide content and application developers alike with a common programming model across a variety of languages and applications, which has been a direct contributor to the success of XML. As co-editor of the DOM Level 2 Style Specification, Microsoft has made contributions to the development of the DOM, and hopes to do so in the future.

-- David Turner, Product Manager and Technical Evangelist, XML Technologies, Microsoft

Netscape is strongly committed to supporting the W3C DOM Level 2 and other web standards because they are the foundation for next-generation web applications. The DOM Level 2 Core support for advanced XML features such as namespaces sets the stage for supporting emerging XML-based technologies. The CSS Interfaces will enable applications to dynamically reformat content from scripting languages such as JavaScript, and the event model enables the creation of web applications with user interfaces that are as rich and interactive as native applications but that run across platforms and devices. Netscape will continue to work within the W3C to define innovative standards such as the DOM Level 2 and through the open source development initiative at mozilla.org to support these standards in the Mozilla browser and products based upon it such as Netscape 6.

-- Jim Hamerly, Vice-President of Client Product Development, Netscape Communications Corporation

Nexgenix is delighted to contribute to the DOM development. DOM helps developers to create Web applications that take advantage of the wealth of components and data available on the Web by providing a standard interface that enables many hardware and software platforms to talk to each other smoothly.

-- Dr. Shlomit Ritz Finkelstein, Director of Research, Nexgenix, Inc.

With DOM Level 2, internet developers can now use the flexibility of XML to make web content fully interoperable across multiple platforms and multiple languages. The support of DOM Level 2 in the Oracle XML Developer's Kit for Java is essential for delivering the new generation of web sites where content has to be dynamic and exchangeable.

-- Chuck Rozwat, Executive Vice President, Server Technologies, Oracle Corporation
The DOM is an extremely important W3C Recommendation, and Level 2 adds to the basic functionality defined in Level 1. XMetaL 2.0, our award-winning XML editor, supports the Level 1 XML DOM and we have found it to be very useful in allowing the integration with other DOM-supporting products, such as repositories, databases, and B2B systems. We intend to implement DOM Level 2 functionality in our products in the future.
-- Lauren Wood, Director of Product Technology
, SoftQuad Software Inc.

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