Participants in the WebFonts Working Group

This is the list of people participating in the WebFonts Working Group.

Statistics on participants.

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Alvarez, Raziel
Google, Inc.
Esfahbod, Behdad
Google, Inc.
Ghetas, Khaled Hosny
W3C Invited Experts
Hudson, John
Picture of John Hudson
W3C Invited Experts
Kew, Jonathan
Mozilla Foundation
Kuettel, David
Google, Inc.
Langley, Adam
Google, Inc.
Levantovsky, Vladimir
Picture of Vladimir Levantovsky
Monotype Imaging Inc.
Levien, Raph
Google, Inc.
Lie, Håkon Wium
Picture of Håkon Wium Lie
Opera Software
Lilley, Chris
staff contact
Picture of Chris Lilley
W3C Staff
Lunde, Ken
Picture of Ken Lunde
Adobe Systems Inc.
Malkin, Sergey
Microsoft Corporation
Sakurai, Satoshi
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Schepers, Doug
Picture of Doug Schepers
W3C Staff
Sheeter, Roderick
Picture of Roderick Sheeter
Google, Inc.
Slye, Christopher
Adobe Systems Inc.
Stein, Bram
Adobe Systems Inc.
Torii, Akira
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Twardoch, Adam
Picture of Adam Twardoch
Monotype Imaging Inc.
Tyagi, Naitik Tyagi
Picture of Naitik Tyagi Tyagi
Department of Information Technology, Government of India
Vieira, Joseph
Monotype Imaging Inc.

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