Web Components Current Status

This page summarizes the relationships among specifications, whether they are finished standards or drafts. Below, each title links to the most recent version of a document.

Completed Work

W3C Recommendations have been reviewed by W3C Members, by software developers, and by other W3C groups and interested parties, and are endorsed by the Director as Web Standards. Learn more about the W3C Recommendation Track.

Group Notes are not standards and do not have the same level of W3C endorsement.

Group Notes


HTML Templates

Describes a method for declaring inert DOM subtrees in HTML and manipulating them to instantiate document fragments with identical contents


Below are draft documents: other Working Drafts . Some of these may become Web Standards through the W3C Recommendation Track process. Others may be published as Group Notes or become obsolete specifications.

Other Working Drafts


HTML Imports

This document defines a way to include and reuse HTML documents in other HTML documents.

Obsolete Specifications

These specifications have either been superseded by others, or have been abandoned. They remain available for archival purposes, but are not intended to be used.



Custom Elements

This document describes the method for enabling the author to define and use new types of DOM elements in a document.


Shadow DOM

Describes a method of establishing and maintaining functional boundaries between DOM subtrees and how these subtrees interact with each other within a document tree.


Introduction to Web Components

Provides an overview of Web Components.