First Public Working Drafts: RDF 1.2 Semantics and SPARQL 1.2 Entailment Regimes

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The RDF Star Working Group has published the last two First Public Working Drafts of its Recommendation track deliverables:

  • RDF 1.2 Semantics: This document describes a precise semantics for the RDF 1.2 Concepts and Abstract Syntax [RDF12-CONCEPTS] and RDF 1.2 Schema [RDF12-SCHEMA]. It defines a number of distinct entailment regimes and corresponding patterns of entailment. It is part of a suite of documents which comprise the full specification of RDF 1.2.
  • SPARQL 1.2 Entailment Regimes: There are different possible ways of defining a basic graph pattern matching extension for an entailment relation. This document specifies one such way for a range of standard semantic web entailment relations. Such extensions of the SPARQL semantics are called entailment regimes within this document.

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