W3C Workshop Report: Smart Cities

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Illustration showing a night cityscape and connected pictograms

W3C is pleased to announce the report from the W3C Workshop on Smart Cities, held on 25 June 2021.

The main goal of the workshop was to improve and finalize the description of the draft Charter for a potential Smart Cities Interest Group so that we can launch the Interest Group and start further discussions on (1) interoperability for Web-based Smart City services and (2) use cases and requirements that W3C specifications need to meet to support Smart City services.

Workshop discussions:

  • Identified Smart Cities standardization stakeholders to drive the development of Web standards aligned with the real needs of Smart Cities
  • Clarified reasonable applications for Smart Cities technologies
  • Pointed out how to improve the draft Charter for the potential Smart Cities Interest Group

As a concrete next step following the workshop, W3C will finalize the draft Charter hoping to launch a Smart Cities Interest Group and start further discussion within the group.

We thank all the presenters and the participants for making this event a success.

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