First Public Working Drafts: EPUB 3.3

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The EPUB 3 Working Group has published four First Public Working Drafts today for EPUB 3.3. This technology defines a distribution and interchange format for digital publications and documents. The EPUB format provides a means of representing, packaging, and encoding structured and semantically enhanced Web content — including HTML, CSS, SVG, and other resources — for distribution in a single-file container.

The specification represents the third major revision and, in particular, a revision of the EPUB 3.2 document published by the EPUB 3 Community Group. This new version of the specification is now on a W3C Recommendation Track.

The four documents published by the Working Group are:

  • The EPUB 3.3 specification defines the authoring requirements for EPUB Publications and represents the third major revision of the standard.
  • The EPUB 3.3 Reading Systems specification defines the conformance requirements for EPUB 3 Reading Systems — the user agents that render EPUB Publications.
  • The EPUB Multiple-Rendition Publications 1.1 specification defines the creation and rendering of EPUB Publications consisting of more than one Rendition. This document is not on recommendation track.
  • The EPUB 3 Overview gives a high level overview of the EPUB 3.3 specification aimed primarily at non-technical readers. This document is not on recommendation track.

The Working Group welcomes comments via the GitHub repository issues.

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