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W3C has published a new version of its Roadmap of Web Applications on Mobile, an overview of the various technologies developed in W3C that increase the capabilities of Web applications, and how they apply more specifically to the mobile context.

The September 2020 snapshot refreshes the list of technologies under incubation in Community Groups or on the standardization track in Working Groups. See the Change history since November 2019 for details. Standardization proposals that have emerged since last publication include:

  • various proposals focused on privacy (such as the Storage Access API, the Trust Token API, Private Click Measurement, TURTLEDOVE, or the isLoggedIn proposal), described in Security and Privacy;
  • exploration of standards needed for so-called MiniApps, see Application Lifecycle;
  • main thread scheduling APIs to improve scheduling primitives, see Performance and Tuning;
  • Web Monetization to enable continuous and small payments facilitated by the browser, see Payment and Services;

Former proposals under incubation in Community Groups have moved to the standardization track since November 2019. For instance, the WebTransport API is now in scope of the recently created WebTransport Working Group (see Network and Communications). The GPU for the Web Working Group has also been recently created to standardize the WebGPU and WebGPU Shading Language specifications, incubated in the GPU for the Web Community Group (see Graphics and Layout).

Implementation info for all features has been updated. A number of features that were previously in development, under consideration, or simply not implemented have now shipped in the new version of Edge, based on Chromium. Main technologies behind Web Components, which allow applications to encapsulate their logic in re-usable components, are now available across browsers (see Device Adaptation). Similarly, Web Animations, which allow application to manage animations via scripting, are available across main browsers (see Graphics and Layout).

Last but not least, a new groups page summarizes groups mentioned throughout the roadmap's pages, along with the name of the specifications and features that these groups are (or were) responsible for.

Sponsored by Beihang University, this project is part of a set of roadmaps under development in a GitHub repository to document existing standards, highlight ongoing standardization efforts, point out topics under incubation, and discuss technical gaps that may need to be addressed in the future. New versions are published as needed depending on progress of key technologies of the Web platform. We encourage the community to review them and raise comments, or suggest new ones, in the repository’s issue tracker.

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