First Public Working Drafts: WebRTC DSCP Control API; MediaStreamTrack Content Hints

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The Web Real-Time Communications Working Group has published two First Public Working Drafts:

  • WebRTC DSCP Control API: This API defines a control surface for manipulating the network control bits (DSCP bits) of outgoing WebRTC packets.
  • MediaStreamTrack Content Hints: This specification extends MediaStreamTrack to provide a media-content hint attribute. This optional hint permits MediaStreamTrack consumers such as PeerConnection (defined in [webrtc]) or MediaRecorder (defined in [mediastream-recording]) to encode or process track media with methods more appropriate to the type of content that is being consumed. Adding a media-content hint provides a way for a web application to help track consumers make more informed decision of what encoder parameters and processing algorithms to use on the consumed content.

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