W3C Invites Implementations of ODRL Information Model; ODRL Vocabulary & Expression

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The Permissions & Obligations Expression Working Group has just published two Candidate Recommendations, namely:
  • ODRL Information Model—The Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) is a policy expression language that provides a flexible and interoperable information model, vocabulary, and encoding mechanisms for representing statements about the usage of content and services. The ODRL Information Model describes the underlying concepts, entities, and relationships that form the foundational basis for the semantics of the ODRL policies. Policies are used to represent permitted and prohibited actions over a certain asset, as well as the obligations required to be meet by stakeholders. In addition, policies may be limited by constraints (e.g., temporal or spatial constraints) and duties (e.g. payments) may be imposed on permissions.
  • ODRL Vocabulary & Expression—The ODRL Vocabulary and Expression describes the terms used in ODRL policies and how to encode them.
Candidate Recommendation means that the Working Group considers the technical design to be complete, and is seeking implementation feedbacks on the documents. There is a separate document how to use them and report on implementation results. The group welcomes feedback by email to its public mailing list public-poe-comments@w3.org or as issues raised in the issues on the Group’s GitHub repository The group expects to satisfy the implementation goals (i.e., at least two, independent implementation for each of the test cases) by November 14, 2017.

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