First Public Working Drafts: WoT Architecture; WoT Thing Description; WoT Scripting API

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The Web of Things (WoT) Working Group has published the following three First Public Working Drafts: Web of Things (WoT) Architecture: This document describes the abstract architecture for the W3C Web of Things, which consists of three initial building blocks, i.e., (1) WoT Thing Description, (2) WoT Scripting API and (3) WoT Binding Templates. Web of Things (WoT) Thing Description: This document describes a formal model and common representation for a Web of Things Thing Description. A Thing Description describes the metadata and interfaces of Things, where a Thing is an abstraction of a physical entity that provides interactions to and participates in the Web of Things. Web of Things (WoT) Scripting API: This document describes a programming interface representing the WoT Interface that allows scripts run on a Thing to discover and consume (retrieve) other Things and to expose Things characterized by Properties, Actions and Events. The group is planning to publish the third building block, WoT Binding Templates, as a First Public Working Draft shortly.

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