W3C Workshop Report: Web & Virtual Reality

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W3C published today the report of the W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality held on October 19-20 2016 in San Jose, California, USA. During the workshop, 120 participants representing browser vendors, headset and hardware manufacturers, VR content providers, designers and distributors analyzed the opportunities provided by making the Web a full-fledged platform for VR experiences.

They recognized the strong prospects already opened by existing and in-development Web APIs, in particular the WebVR API that was highlighted as an important target for near-term standardization, as well as the high priority of making the Web a primary platform for distributing 360° videos. They also identified new opportunities that would be brought by enabling traditional Web pages to be enhanceable as immersive spaces, and in the longer term, by making 3D content a basic brick available to Web developers and content aggregators.

You may read more in our media advisory.

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