W3C launches Web Payments Working Group

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How do you want to pay? Hand holding a smartphone

W3C launched today the Web Payments Working Group to streamline the online "check-out" process and make payments easier and more secure on the Web. W3C's long-term goal is to enable a harmonized payment experience on the web, regardless of the device being used and whether the transaction takes place in an application or in-store.

The Web Payments Working Group will create standard Application Programming Interfaces to support a wide array of existing and future payment methods, and allow payment instrument registration and selection facilitated by the browser. Standard APIs will establish a foundation for automated secure payments, as well as simplified check-out and payment experience. This will mean more payment options for merchants and users. It will also be easier for Web developers to integrate existing and new payment flows into their applications.

Read the Web Payments Working Group Charter FAQ, the full press release and testimonials from W3C Members, including Bloomberg, Deutsche Telekom, Digital Bazaar, ETA, Federal Reserve Bank, Ingenico Labs, MAG, NACS, Qihoo360, Rabobank, Ripple and WorldPay.

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