W3C Invites Developers to Meetup in Sapporo (26 October)

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W3C is pleased to invite the developer community to attend the W3C Developer Meetup in Sapporo, Japan, on Monday 26 October 2015. Chaired by Marie-Claire Forgue (W3C) and Kensaku Komatsu (NTT Communications), the event’s agenda consists of industry demos and a series of short talks on topics such as Web payments, Web app security, CSS3, etc. Web designers and application developers are encouraged to gather for an evening of discussions and networking with others in the W3C community who are convening that week during W3C’s TPAC 2015. Participation in the meetup is open to anyone at no cost, but space is limited. Please register before 25 October 2015 and meet us there.

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