User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 and UAAG 2.0 Reference Working Group Note

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The User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAWG) has published User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG 2.0) and UAAG 2.0 Reference as W3C Working Group Notes. UAAG 2.0 defines how browsers, extensions, media players, and other “user agents” should support accessibility for people with disabilities and work with assistive technologies. UAAG 2.0 is complete, and provides practical guidance for browsers and user agents. Implementations for UAAG 2.0 features have been identified, but not formally tested. Although W3C does not have plans at this time to advance UAAG 2.0 to Recommendation, the need and opportunity to improve accessibility in user agents still exists. UAAG 2.0 provides specific accessibility guidance for user agent developers who want to build a better user experience for all.

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