System Applications Working Group (SysApps WG): Three Notes Published

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The System Applications Working Group is in the process of being closed, and are republishing the group’s working drafts as working group notes to indicate their change of status.

Task Scheduler API Specification is a specification that defines an API to schedule a task at a specified time. When the indicated time is reached, the application that scheduled the task will be notified via a functional event on a service worker. A task event will be delivered to a service worker, regardless of whether the application is active on user agent. Applications such as an alarm clock or an auto-updater may utilize this API to perform certain action at a specified time.

The app: URL Scheme is a specification that defines the app: URL scheme. The app: URL scheme can be used by packaged applications to obtain resources that are inside a container. These resources can then be used with web platform features that accept URLs.

TCP and UDP Socket API is an API that provides interfaces to raw UDP sockets, TCP Client sockets and TCP Server sockets. As such, this requires a high level of trust in applications that use this API, since raw sockets can be used to work around the same origin security policy.

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