Data on the Web Best Practices First Draft Published

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The Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group has published a First Public Working Draft of Data on the Web Best Practices, to encourage and enable the continued expansion of the Web as a medium for the exchange of data. Data should be discoverable and understandable by humans and machines. Where data is used in some way, whether by the originator of the data or by an external party, such usage should also be discoverable and the efforts of the data publisher recognized. In short, following these best practices will facilitate interaction between publishers and consumers.

The group also published today a Group Note of Data on the Web Best Practices Use Cases & Requirements with scenarios of how data is commonly published on the Web and how it is used. This document also provides a set of requirements derived from these use cases that will be used to guide the development of the Best Practices document and also two new vocabularies: Quality and Granularity Description, and Data Usage Description. Learn more about the Data Activity.

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