Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data Published as First Public Working Group Note

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The Government Linked Data Working Group has published a First Public Working Group Note of Best Practices for Publishing Linked Data. This document sets out a series of best practices designed to facilitate development and delivery of open government data as Linked Open Data. Linked Open Data makes the World Wide Web into a global database, sometimes referred to as the "Web of Data". Using Linked Data Principles, developers can query Linked Data from multiple sources at once and combine it without the need for a single common schema that all data shares. Prior to international data exchange standards for data on the Web, it was time consuming and difficult to build applications using traditional data management techniques. As more open government data is published on the Web, best practices are evolving too. The goal of this document is to compile the most relevant data management practices for the publication and use of of high quality data published by governments around the world as Linked Open Data. Learn more about the Data Activity.

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