Web Applications Working Group updated Streams API, Quota Management API, DOM Level 3 Events Specification, and UI Events

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The Web Applications Working Group has published four Working Drafts:

  • Streams API. This specification provides an API for representing binary data and string data in web applications as a Stream object, as well as programmatically building and reading its contents. This includes a Stream, a StreamConsumeResult and a StreamReadType interfaces, extensions to XMLHttpRequest and to URL.createObjectURL and URL.revokeObjectURL. This API is designed to be used in conjunction with other APIs and elements on the web platform, notably: File, XMLHttpRequest, postMessage, and Web Workers.
  • Quota Management API. This specification defines an API to manage usage and availability of local storage resources, and defines a means by which a user agent (UA) may grant Web applications permission to use more local space, temporarily or persistently, via various different storage APIs.
  • Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Events Specification. This specification defines the Document Object Model Events Level 3, a generic platform- and language-neutral event system which allows registration of event handlers, describes event flow through a tree structure, and provides basic contextual information for each event. The Document Object Model Events Level 3 builds on the Document Object Model Events Level 2.
  • UI Events. This specification extends the events and features defined in DOM Events Level 3.

Learn more about the Rich Web Client Activity.

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