W3C Launches New Data Activity

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Today W3C launched a new Data Activity to lead the Web to a new level of data interoperability. The Activity includes two new groups:

  • CSV on the Web Working Group, whose mission is to provide technologies whereby data dependent applications on the Web can provide higher interoperability when working with datasets using the CSV (Comma-Separated Values) or similar formats.
  • Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group, whose mission is (1) to develop the open data ecosystem, facilitating better communication between developers and publishers; (2) to provide guidance to publishers that will improve consistency in the way data is managed, thus promoting the re-use of data; (3) to foster trust in the data among developers, whatever technology they choose to use, increasing the potential for genuine innovation.

The Data Activity subsumes and expands upon the work done in the Semantic Web and eGovernment Activities. W3C will continue to complete and enhance the Semantic Web in the light of growing real-world experience and demands.

Learn more about the Data Activity.

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