W3C Invites Implementations of Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 2.0

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The Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AUWG) invites implementations of the Candidate Recommendation Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 2.0, and comments on a Working Draft of the Note Implementing ATAG 2.0. ATAG defines how authoring tools should help developers produce accessible web content that conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, and defines how to make authoring tools accessible so that people with disabilities can use them. ATAG is introduced in the ATAG Overview and ATAG at a Glance. Authoring tools include content management systems (CMS), learning management systems (LMS), HTML editors, blogs, wikis, social media, and development environments. AUWG invites developers of authoring tools who might be interested in sharing your ATAG implementation experience to contact AUWG by 7 December 2013. Learn more about the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

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