W3C Invites Implementations of PROV

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The Provenance Working Group has published four Candidate Recommendation Documents along with corresponding supporting notes. You can find a complete list at the PROV Overview draft. These document provide a framework for interchanging provenance on the Web. PROV enables one to represent and interchange provenance information using widely available formats such as RDF and XML. In addition, it provides definitions for accessing provenance information, validating it, and mapping to Dublin Core.

The release of these Candidate Recommendation documents is a signal to developers that the Working Group believes that each specification is ready for implementation. Although there are already a number of implementations around, the Provenance Working Group kindly asks for developers across the Web to implement the specification and provide implementation feedback.

You can contact the group directly through the public comments mailing list. You are also encouraged to fill out one of group's surveys about your usage of PROV.

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