XHTML2 Working Group Documents Published as W3C Notes

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W3C today published a number of documents from the XHTML 2 Working Group as W3C Notes:

  • XHTML 2.0, a general-purpose markup language designed to represent documents for a wide range of purposes across the World Wide Web.
  • XML Events 2, designed to provide an interoperable way of associating behaviors with document-level markup.
  • CURIE Syntax 1.0, a syntax for expressing Compact URIs
  • HLink, a module that provides the ability to specify which attributes of elements represent links, and how those links should be traversed. HLink also extends XLink use to a wider class of languages than those restricted to the syntactic style allowed by XLink.
  • XHTML Role Attribute Module, a module to support role classification of elements
  • XHTML Access Module, a module designed to enhance document accessibility.
  • XFrames, intended originally to replace HTML Frames.

Learn more about the XHTML 2 Working Group.

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