Smarter Integration of Web and Broadcasting: Second Workshop on Web and TV Scheduled

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Berlin skyline W3C announces the second in a series of Workshops on the Web and TV. The Second W3C Web and TV Workshop takes place in Berlin, Germany, 8-9 February 2011, hosted by Fraunhofer-Fokus. Participants in this workshop will continue discussions begun in Japan in September 2010 (see summary) among the television industry, other producers of consumer electronics, and the Web community. Participants in this Workshop have the opportunity to share their own perspectives, requirements, and ideas to ensure that emerging global standards meet their needs. Topics are likely to include: the advantages of supporting HTML5 (such as its rich feature set, global language support, and support for accessibility), compatibility with existing television technology, performance issues, the transition from existing approaches to Web-based ones, digital rights management, nomadic user interfaces (where users change devices without losing the flow of their activity), and more. Anyone may participate in this Workshop; a position paper is required and space is limited to 80 people. Position papers are due 7 January 2011 but expressions of interest sooner than that are appreciated. Please see the the Call for Participation for further details.

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