Community Contributions to W3C Validator Campaign Lead to Engineer Hire

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W3C is pleased to announce that, thanks to community contributions to the W3C Validator Campaign, Thomas Gambet will spend the next year at W3C turning the Unicorn project into a production service. The Unicorn Project aims to provide the big picture about the quality of a Web page by gathering the results of various tools into a single page. Both Unicorn and the W3C's Validators are open source projects. W3C invites developers to participate in these projects or to provide feedback on functionality: what functionality do you want next? what are your thoughts on the user interface? Please send feedback to Learn more about getting involved with Unicorn development, trying out Unicorn, and providing translations for it.

W3C offers HTML, CSS, and other validation services at no cost to the Web developer and designer communities. W3C invites you to make a contribution to support these services.

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