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The W3C Blog allows the W3C Team and collaborators to complement news and events by going in-depth on Web standards topics and educational materials. The blog is operated by the W3C Marketing & Communications Team.


Members of the W3C Team or W3C groups are authors of the W3C Blog, through the W3C Communications Team.

A Blog post can be attributed to several authors. If the author(s) hold(s) an up-to-date W3C account, the software can draw a profile picture.

Review & coordination

Blog posts must be coordinated and reviewed a week in advance. Please, coordinate with the W3C Communications Team, which is responsible for maintaining tone, manner and guidelines for W3C, and manages the brand.

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Information needed:

  • Blog post title
  • Byline (a post can be authored by several people)
  • Excerpt (a summary of the post, up to 500 characters)
  • Body of the post (HTML or text preferred)
  • Publication date (earliest - latest date preference or related constraints)

Expressed opinions

Current policy

Effective on 30 September 2023.

Unless otherwise stated, blog entries posted by W3C Staff or work group participants generally represent consensus of the group the posts are published on behalf of.

Previous policy

Effective from 2 February 2006 to September 2023. 

Individual blog entries, posted by W3C Staff or Working-Group participants, generally do not represent the consensus of the W3C, but express individual opinions of the respective author.

Social media integration

New blog posts are promoted on social media (microblogging platform(s), W3C LinkedIn page) at the discretion of the W3C Communications Team. Please be sure to coordinate with the W3C Team.


The W3C Blog software is CraftCMS since June 2023. We previously used Movable Type until September 2013, then WordPress until June 2023.


W3C Blog comments are temporarily closed.

All comments on the W3C Blog are moderated. In the spirit of openness with regards to Web communities, please try to stay as open as possible in your comments. We may reject comments without a given name and e-mail address. We usually reject comments that are aggressive, insulting, or off-topic.

Please abide by our Code of Conduct.

Guest posts & paid content are not allowed

We do not allow guest posts and paid content on the W3C Blog or W3C Website. You can read more in our Help page.

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