Web-Native Community Group

The Web-Native Community Group is a focused initiative to bring the current developer community overrun by frameworks back to native web technologies, so that everyone can bank more on the platform and less on abstractions. This is a targeted intervention to the now sweeping "framework-first" thinking for a new "native-first" thinking among developers. Whatever were the reasons for the former at the time, it no longer aligns with the current state of the platform and its fast-evolving future. It is now, more so than ever, a compelling problem to fix, and this community group will do just that!

We hope to build on the work of existing posts in the community, that are, at least, looking for a paradigm shift. More importantly, our key activity will be working with the developer community and other W3C community groups to: (1) implement strategies that engage the developer community to put native languages, APIs, and methodologies at the heart of their everyday work, and (2) facilitate proposals that can bring various common development paradigms to native implementation, or to say the least, provide low-level primitives to support higher-level implementations of these paradigms that represents the modern web.




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