Timed Text Community Group

A number of organisations are now working with the TTML specification, and a degree of parallel discussion is happening. Some of that discussion is behind closed doors. There is a need to cross fertilize such groups so that the standard does not diverge, in addition new features and errata are being developed. This group is established to act as a forum for individuals, companies and consortia that are working with the TTML specification to address such issues.

The core activities of the group will be as follows:

- To act as a central forum for technical questions and answers on TTML

- To act as a point of coordination for extensions and features being created in other organizations.

- To identify issues, gaps and errata in the specification for future standardization.

- Support the Timed Text Working Group (TTWG)) to develop a community standard which updates TTML 1.0 to address issues, gaps, and errata.

- To develop and document tutorials, examples and best practice workflows

- To host example code, templates, test data, and implementation code




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