Machine Learning Schema Community Group

Group closed 2023-12-11

This group represents a collaborative, community effort with a mission to develop, maintain, and promote standard schemas for data mining and machine learning algorithms, datasets, and experiments. Our target is a community agreed schema as a basis for ontology development projects, markup languages and data exchange standards; and an extension model for the schema in the area of data mining and machine learning.

The goals of this group are:

To define a simple shared schema of data mining/ machine learning (DM/ML) algorithms, datasets, and experiments that may be used in many different formats: XML, RDF, OWL, spreadsheet tables.

Collect use cases from the academic community and industry

Use this schema as a basis to align existing DM/ML ontologies and develop more specific ontologies with specific purposes/applications

Prevent a proliferation of incompatible DM/ML ontologies

Turn machine learning algorithms and results into linked open data

Promote the use of this schema, including involving stakeholders like ML tool developers Apply for funding (e.g. EU COST, UK Research Councils, Horizon2020 Coordination and Support Actions) to organize workshops, and for dissemination




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