Development Linked Data Community Group

Data is commonly considered as a new kind of fuel powering economical, cultural and societal changes. From e-governance to smart cities, many examples can be found to argue for the value of open and connected data. By turning the Web into a data publishing platform Linked Data is a key enabling technology for this.

It has yet to be kept in mind that as of 2012 65% of the world does not have access to the Web and are thus deprived from Linked Data. Furthermore is this population sorely in need for the changes data-driven societies benefit from.

This community group is there to discuss some important questions such as:

* How can development related data be published as Linked Data? * What kind of data is out there and what is relevant to drive societal changes in underprivileged countries? * How can those without Web access can consume open data set published as Linked Open Data? * How can the Linked Data principles be revised to be applicable in Web-less contexts?

This group will not publish Specifications.




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