Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group including Joint meeting with Publishing Community Group and Web Real-Time Communications Working Group and Timed Text Working Group
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Pacific Daylight Time
Junior B - North Tower 3rd floor
Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group ( View calendar)
Publishing Community Group ( View calendar)
Timed Text Working Group ( View calendar)
Daniel Burnett, Adam Campfield, Karol Gaitan Hugar, Steve King, JaEun Jemma Ku, Shane Martin, Nigel Megitt, Tracy Mitchelson, Alexis Polanco, Elizabeth Rehm, Alicia Richins, Jonathon Townley
Big meeting:
TPAC 2022 (Calendar)


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This calendar entry covers specific timetabled discussions. Most of these are being held as part of this meeting, in APA space. Some are being held in other WGs' spaces, and are also listed below for completeness, but please note they're in a separate room. Here are links to the agenda in our wiki page, which provides the times in your local time zone. Times listed here are Vancouver time.

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  • 1130-1315 (lunch)
  • 1415-1430 (short afternoon break)

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