Web of Things Community Meetup 1 - Digital Twins
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Central European Summer Time
Web of Things Community Group ( View calendar)

In our next community meetup, we are focusing on the topic of digital twins.

First, we will listen to Thomas Jaeckle from the Eclipse Ditto project, an open-source framework to help build digital twins of devices connected to the Internet. Its latest 3.0.0 release also supports W3C WoT Thing Descriptions and Thing Models.

Then, we will have a discussion panel on digital twins where anyone can present their ideas, requirements, and applications with digital twins. We can see together how the W3C Web of Things plays a role.


  1. Welcome
  2. Thomas Jaeckle: Eclipse Ditto (20 min)
  3. Questions (10 min)
  4. Discussion on Digital Twins
  5. Wrap up

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