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Pacific Daylight Time
Granville - South Tower 4th floor
Immersive Web Working Group ( View calendar)
Louay Bassbouss, Karl Carter, Mike English, Mark Foltz, Erik Lagerway, Philippe Le Hegaret, Mats Lundgren, Giorgio Mazzucchelli, John Riviello, Holli Smith, Jennifer Strickland, Nick Telford-Reed, Tuukka Toivonen, Maxim Tsoy
Big meeting:
TPAC 2022 (Calendar)

Day 1 of Immersive Web Group meetings agenda is below. Additionally, we will have the WebRTC joint meeting on September 13th, in the afternoon. We are working on getting the exact time for the meeting.

We will use the same irc channel but will have 2 different zoom calls for each day. Please see the WebRTC joint meeting information here:

Looking forward to the discussions!


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Day 1 September 15th, 2022

Title Time Length Link Repo Rockets
Wellcome 9:00 25
A feature that toggle stereo at runtime 9:25 20 Layers 1 🚀
Break 9:45 15
Media layers: add API to swap the HTMLVideoElement 10:00 20 Layers
Media layers: default state is transparent 10:20 20 Layers
Break 10:40 20
Is it time for browsers to standardize 3D rendering? 11:00 25 model-element
Is model a "media element"? 11:25 20 model-element
Which formats? 11:45 40 model-element
Lunch Break 12:25 1:15
Require CORS for all <model>-initiated fetches 13:40 20 model-element
Break 14:00 1:15
WebRTC joint meeting 15:30 2:00

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