Verifiable Credentials Working Group including Joint meeting with Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group
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Pacific Daylight Time
Grand D - North Tower Grand Ballroom Level
Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group ( View calendar)
Verifiable Credentials Working Group ( View calendar)
Ryosuke Abe, Brian Campbell, Tim Cappalli, Pierre-Antoine Champin, Wei Ding, Karol Gaitan Hugar, sam goto, Risako Hamano, Jay Kishigami, Kousuke Koiwai, Chris Lemmons, Kabir Maiga, Shane Martin, Hiroshi Ota, Alicia Richins, Satoshi Sakamori, Takuya Sakamoto, Hiroyuki Sano, Russell Stringham, Uchi Uchibeke, Jeff Waters


Date and Time:

Wednesday 15 Sept 2022
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Vancouver (1 day)
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TPAC 2022 Day1

Scribe list (as of Aug-29-2022):

DmitriZ, Orie, JAndrieu, MikeJones, Oliver, Justin, ScottH, Joachim, Logan, Jeremie, DavidW, ShawnB, RobinB, ManuS, Orie, Kevin, AndrewW, GabeC, PhilA, CharlesL, Markus, DavidC, DaveL, MartyR, KerrieL, Snorre, Sebastian, WillA, GabeC

Meeting Chair:

Brent Zundel
Kristina Yasuda

Topics (time)

Day 1
1-Chairs Introduction and logistics (60 min)
2-Real World Use Cases / Learnings from implementing v1.1 (30 min)
3-Updating the use cases doc (30 min)
4-Break (15 min)
5-Serializations and the core data model (120 min)
6-Lunch (60 min)
7-APA WG Joint Meeting (use-cases, etc.) (60 min)
8-Streamlining Data Integrity Cryptosuites (60 min)
9-Break (15 min)
10-VC Extensions Registries (60 min)
11-Intro to ACDC (30 min)

Day 2
1-Setting expectations for day 2 (Chairs) (30 min)
2-Holder Binding (Oliver) (60 min)
4-SD-JWT-VC (Kristina/Sebastian) (30 min)
5-Break (15 min)
6-RCH WG time (Markus/Phil) (105 min)
7-Lunch (60 min)
8-Delegated & Multi-party Credentials (Gabe) (60 min)
9-Test Suites (Manu) (30 min)
10-Break (15 min)
11-Internationalization/Multilingual (Shigeya) (30 min)
12-JSON Schemas in the VC Data Model (Gabe) (30 min)
13-Buffer (75 min)

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