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Central European Summer Time
Bambu, Low Level
Elad Alon
Screen Capture Community Group ( View calendar)
Bernard Aboba, Jaya Allamsetty, Harald Alvestrand, Jordan Bayles, Francois Beaufort, Piotr Bialecki, Andreas Bovens, Arnaud Budkiewicz, Florent Castelli, Laurent DENOUE, CHRISTOPHER DuBois, youenn fablet, Stefan Fleiter, Mark Foltz, Steve Graff, Christoph Guttandin, Michael Hagar, Charlie Hagelskamp, Philipp Hancke, Dominique Hazaël-Massieux, Vitaly Ivanov, Adam Jaggard, Randell Jesup, Camille Lamy, Jonathan Lennox, DARREN MASSEY, Eric Meyer, Pranav Mulgund, Nils Ohlmeier, Hisayuki Ohmata, Isaac Success Olaoye, Theodore Olsauskas-Warren, wilfred osarumwense, Tove Petersson, Colin Read, Khushal Sagar, Brian Shultz, Peter Thatcher, Fidel Tian, Nicola Tommasi, Guido Urdaneta, Frédéric Wang, Michiel Westerbeek, Michiel Westerbeek, Benjamin Worpitz, Andy Wu, Duanpei Wu, Rui Zhang
Big meeting:
TPAC 2023 (Calendar)

The Screen Capture Community Group will be meeting at TPAC, 14 September 2023, 14:30–16:30 (CEST). Everyone is invited. If you have anything you'd like to discuss or present, please mail me at, and I'll be happy to add you to the schedule.



  • Introduction (5 minutes)
  • Controlling captured surfaces (25 minutes)
    • Presenters: Elad Alon
    • Recap
    • Discussion of Captured Surface Control, which Chromium will soon prototype.
    • Discussion of "Video Portal" - an idea for a new <video>-like element allowing the local user to control one tab from inside of another.
  • Extensions to Captured Mouse Events (20 minutes)
    • Presenters: Laurent Denoue, Elad Alon
    • Recap
    • Proposal to expose mouse-clicks
  • Update on AV1 Screen Coding and Content Hints (15 minutes)
    • Presenters: Bernard Aboba, Philipp Hancke
  • Annotations (25 minutes)
    • Presenters: Duanpei Wu
  • Element Capture (25 minutes)
  • Administrative matters (5 minutes)

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