ARIA and Assistive Technologies Community Group Weekly Teleconference
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Pacific Standard Time
every other week on Thursday, starting from 2023-06-01, until 2024-01-11
ARIA and Assistive Technologies Community Group ( View calendar)

Weekly meeting focused primarily on generating ARIA-AT reports via manual testing. Alternates between an earlier Wednesday time one week and later Thursday time the next.


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  • No meeting on January 17 due to conflicts
  • Next meeting: January 25
  • Requests for changes to agenda?

Manual testing progress check-in

  • Alert
  • Command button
  • Link
  • Toggle button

Upcoming app updates

  • Deployment planned for Jan 22
  • Adds automation of response collection for NVDA test runs
  • Plus bug fixes

Targets for 2024 H1


  1. 6+ test plans achieve recommended status:
    1. Alert
    2. Command button
    3. Link
    4. Toggle button
    5. Radio
    6. Dialog
  2. 6+ Additional in Candidate Review
  3. 8+ with Draft review complete and ready for candidate review

June 30 targets:

  1. Total: refactoring and testing complete for at least 20 test plans.
  2. 12 to 20 test plans have AT support tables in APG.
  3. APG AT support tables are redesigned to show must/should/may counts.
  4. Automation is updating data for each new release of JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver.
  5. Report site shows trends for each AT.

Consider launching new AT support table design for GAAD.

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