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summary of BlockchainCG concall at 13/Oct/2016

  • Proposed Agenda :
  • summary of last concall
  • UseCases
    • 6 Categories of Trust around personal data transactions
      • by adrian
      • 6 categories
        • identifying the person that is the subject of the data,
        • identifying the user requesting person’s data,
        • recording and auditing the authorization to release the person’s data,
        • establishing the authenticity of the data that is being released,
        • paying the service that offered the personal data,
        • and auditing that the shared data was used as expected.
      • Each of these six could be a different blockchain and a different standard
    • prioritize use case
      • not much inputs
  • discussion for user centered access control
    • local resources at use agent are belong to whom?
    • existing W3C standards are not well touching this issue
      • Keys by Web Cryptography Standard of W3C is owned by key provisioner (means by servers)
      • no finalized standard for using secure elements
      • strict Same Origin Policy
    • continue to talk about this
  • What is Blockchain
  • other topics get member attractions
    • bcoin
      • try to invite them to CG
      • no update from Marta
      • Nick will be able to contact them
    • flex-ledger
      • hope manu will share info about flex-ledger later
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