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BlockchainCG online meeting report at 7/APR/2016

sharing current status of spec by WonBeon Kim

  • preparing public PKI spec
    • translating into english
    • trying to put on more public location
    • studying FIDO related spec expansion
      • ETRI will be able to support it
        • SeYoung Huh is actually handling FIDO tasks at lab
        • but need to confirm that can be shared publically
        • will check inviting FIDO expert at lab at next F2F meeting
      • currently study level
      • trying to figure-out integration way with existing FIDO solution and blockchain
      • interoperability between blockchain and FIDO solutions
    • expect to finish by┬ánext week
    • considering google docs
      • started with it.
      • but later, github is most considerable
  • for more discussions use W3C CG Groupmail


  • Mountie Lee will contribute
  • discuss more at different offline meeting with WonBeom


  • need to invite expert to share knowledge
  • for better understanding, mountie will share the link of presentation of Swift of WebPaymentIG
  • with Registration Authority of ISO20022, new message format or data flow can be registered more easily than ever
  • finding experts
    • Mountie will try to find expert before next meeting
    • nick will try to find experts
    • mountie will try to contact Swift Korea
    • nick will contact Bank of Korea

adjust concall time

  • considering US participants
  • 10:00 AM KST


  • trying to assign by category
  • IoT: Samsung
  • Banking : KB
  • non-Banking: LGCNS
  • Etc: by Prof Nick

more participants

  • CG invited R3
    • chair is trying to visit NY
  • CG will invite Linux Foundation

Next Meeting

  • 21/Apr/2016 10:00 AM KST
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