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Community & Business Groups

BlockchainCG at W3C TPAC2017

Blockchain CG had session at Web Commerce IG meeting the selected topics which are payment relevant are QR Code, formatting numbers and bitcoin payment. BGC’s slides are linked at Web Commerce IG FTF WIKI  at the meeting minutes are at … Continue reading

Blockchain CG meeting at 8/March/2017

Hi. Folks. CG had online meeting meeting minutes are at and CG members  agree to have meeting WEEKLY. next online meeting will be started at 16/March/2016. updated WebEX conference link is

CG meeting at 22/Feb

CG members had online meeting with following agendas. use case document at open questions from colleen at April F2F meeting at Paris for the use case document, one of CG members will finalize first draft for the open questions of colleen, … Continue reading