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BlockchainCG online meeting report at 28/Apr/2016

Blockchain CG online meeting at 20160428

review spec draft

  • describing how to use blockchain as part of PKI
  • core part is record format
  • using blockchain as public key repository
  • actually implemented as simple login at Jeonbuk bank, KR
  • spec is able to co-work with FIDO protocol
  • suggest to change format
    • follow W3C style
    • put on single page
    • printable
  • channels are empty?
    • will try to handle about DH key exchange


  • mountie WAS assigned as helper
  • mountie will suggest draft version
  • WonBeom will add more

more participants

  • expect more after generating real deliverable
  • contacted to Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
    • when we propose, they will consider

concall time doodle

Other Activities

  • Ethereum
    • supported by MS azure
  • R3
    • Hana bank joined
    • R3 has complex process
    • not easy
  • Korea Association of  Digital Assets(한국디지털자산협회)

2nd Workshop

  • location
    • probally testbed at KISA
  • prepare well and anounce publically
  • will have offline meeting for prepareness
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