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BlockchainCG online meeting report at 5/May/2016

BlockchainCG online meeting at 20160505

W3C CG Support

W3C Blockchain Workshop

  • W3C had payment activity
  • Blockchain is not just for payment but for wider scope
  • out of scope
    • payments
      • ? (questioned)
    • non-web aspects
  • in-scope
    • more wider view
    • web aspect
  • mountie will share contact info of R3
    • Erik will be able to intro
  • we had strong concensus for blockchain
  • consider chinese members
    • china miner’s association
    • okcoin


  • talk with KETELS Kris
  • will request to present ISO20022 and details at next week

concall time


IRC channel

  • will get support by W3C

CG Workshop

  • confused with W3C Workshop
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